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Hi! Welcome to the Guitar Jazz Web site. We're really pleased you've come along.

Guitar Jazz comprises of Paul Gough, main vocalist & rhythm guitarist and Robin Garside, second vocalist, lead guitarist & cool jazz fiddler. We aim to provide an interesting program of Guitar Jazz music and songs from the cool to the hot, from blues to swing to modern. But don't just take my word for it, click the Music link and listen to our demo tracks, or click the video link and watch us as well. All the tracks have been recorded without studio skullduggery so they sound just like we do live. We play at parties, weddings, corporate events, art galleries, restaurants and functions where sophisticated music is required, to provide mood music rather than up front bands or disco. We can also play for dancing if that's your thing, but mainly we like to play and let the audience get in the groove!

Contact us and let's talk about your event. We have our own very high quality PA ystem, we're fully insured for third party liability and all our equipment is PAT tested to comply with the strict standards of many hotels.
Get in touch now, we're really looking forward to entertaining you with Guitar Jazz!